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Heart Beat Evolution Journey, Norway

Celebrate summer! Treat yourself with an expanding rhythm- and dance based experience in the serene Norwegian nature. Three international teachers from some of todays most vibrant development work, guide you in an exclusive journey.

partytime in oslo 17th of may

It's 200 years since Norway got it's constitution!
The whole country celebrates.
We invite to drum circle, Biodanza, food, bare-feet dancing, storytelling, sami joik and mini concerts.

Drum circle in Rotterdam

Let's all groove! In drum circles it is about the joy of making music together, experience moments of groove together. This evening is a "pre-celebrate Kingsday" drum cirkel for all levels; beginners, experienced drummers, musicians all play as one. Bring your smile, your friends, your drum or rent one.

drum circle in rygge – norway

Let's all groove! This drum circle is about the joy of making music together, to experience the moments of groove together. This evening community building drum-circle for all levels; beginners, experienced drummers, musicians all play as one. Bring your smile, your friends, your drum or rent one.

Biodanza at noon – Subject get rid of the box, Oslo

Todays subject is not about getting rid of the lunch box, but the thinking box. Not thinking outside the box, but to become free from what locks us in and life out. Todays dance is also a salute to the part in us that dares to oppose when something is wrong. We must know that we know in order to oppose with quality!

Heart Beat Evolution Day, Rotterdam

A wonderful rhytm- and danceday where we discover more about "seeing the beauty".
You will get to know the profound rhythm work TaKeTiNa that brings you closer to yourself and at the same time brings expanded awareness.

Who co-operates, excels

"Who co-operates, excels" is a programm for professionals with 3 experience-days to work on transformation. When we are able to have a good co-operation we can excel, the other can excel and the team will perform far above average. This program is in Dutch.

TaKeTiNa weekend, Rotterdam

In tune with rhythms of life.
TaKeTiNa is a process for activating our human and musical potential through rhythm. In this exploring weekend we will make several rhythm journeys.

Weekly Biodanza in Norway

Every Monday from 19:15 - 21:15 you can experience Biodanza in Rygge with Mikael Khei.
Location is Clinic Life in Movement, right next to the train station.
The class is open for drop-in, but spaces are limited so please register in advance.

Weekly Biodanza in Rotterdam

On monday evening you can experience Biodanza in Rotterdam with Brenda & Nathalia.
The dance of life is a joyful path of transformation to embrace our life fully.
Every first monday of the month the group is open to welcome new dancers.
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Empowering experiences

what is unique in our approach?

Celebrating essence

the heart beat of your team

Change is happening all the time. We move, choose direction, interact and create constantly. Everbody adds to the result, everybody joins in the process. But, how do we keep each other inspired? How can we connect in a demanding time that is fast and complex? What brings flow to the team, so that we can enjoy being on a professional journey together?

To reach excellence, the difference that makes the difference are our skills for human connections. It is our capacity to relate. If we truly connect, we make the world turn. When we shine and are happy, we also bring out best in each other. Everybody benefits and business blossoms. But relating to each other requires personal strength, openness and courage to discover. This can not only be done in a rational way. For long lasting change we also need to work with our emotions. This involves working with our most essential instrument for creation; the body. We have a whole being approach.

It is therefore that we guide “heartbeat evolution journeys”. Empowering experiences that brings new perspectives. Experiences that are felt deep, because we totally join into the experience. Moments that give inspiration and reflection, so that we find more and better ways for cooperation and achieving our goals. We all make the journey happen. We connect with each other in this journey. We are the change ourselves.

True connections

what journeys can we make?

Depending on the change you aim for, your team, the company landscape and the starting-point we develop a custom heart beat evolution journey using standard methods. Drum-, dance-, rhythm-journeys, constellations are all intense experiences that bring many metafors where perspectives open-up. With NLP we can add techniques for personal development, reflection and fruitful communication. Here you can read more about the international and proven methodologies that we use.

Are you ready to start an inspiring journey with us?

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We are Heart Beat Evolution

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring out the best and create amazing journeys.

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Mikael Khei

TaKeTiNa rhythm teacher
Drumcircle facilitator
NLP master practioner
Biodanza facilitator u.s.
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Brenda van Broekhoven

Certified NLP trainer
Facilitator Constellations
Co-facilitator Drumcircles
Biodanza facilitator u.s.
BIO Mikael Khei BIO Brenda van Broekhoven.

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