Celebrating essence with
empowering experiences
and true connections


Biodanza. Dans het leven!

De dans van het leven! Biodanza is dansen in verbinding met jezelf, de ander en het leven.
Gratis open les. Er start binnenkort een nieuwe groep op donderdagochtend.
Voor gevorderde dansers is er een groep op woensdagavond (met wachtlijst).

Ritual Trance Dance

Beweeg jezelf in het donker, ontdek je innerlijk zicht en ervaar de staat van "no mind".
Met een blinddoek dans je alsof je droomt terwijl je klaarwakker bent.
De trancedans is een eeuwenoud ritueel voor heling en inzicht, nu in een moderne vorm.

Double trancedans

Beweeg jezelf in het donker, ontdek je innerlijk zicht en ervaar de staat van "no mind".
Met een blinddoek dans je alsof je droomt terwijl je klaarwakker bent.
Deze keer een dubbele dans om een laag dieper te ontdekken in jouw zelf.

Live Danza Night in de kerk van Op Hodenpijl

De live danza nights zijn levendige dansavonden met live muziek en verbinding van hart tot hart.
Met elkaar dansen we in een flow van de muziek die soms live is, soms opgenomen of een mix daarvan.
De muziek laat jou dansen en jij laat de drummer drummen en de dansers dansen.
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Heart Beat Evolution

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Brenda van Broekhoven

certified NLP trainer
Biodanza facilitator
Opstellingen facilitator
Drumcirkel co-facilitator
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Empowering experiences

what is unique in our approach

Celebrating essence

the heart beat of your team

Change is happening all the time. We move, choose direction, interact and create all time. Everbody adds to the result, everybody joins in the process. But, how do we keep each other inspired? How can we connect in a demanding time that is fast and complex? What brings flow to the team, so that we can enjoy being on a professional journey together? To reach excellence, the difference that makes the difference are our skills for human connections. It is our capacity to relate. If we truly connect, we make the world turn. When we shine and are happy, we also bring out best in each other. Everybody benefits and business blossoms. But relating to each other requires personal strength, openness and courage to discover. This can not only be done in a rational way. For long lasting change we also need to work with our emotions. This involves working with our most essential instrument for creation; the body. We have a whole being approach. It is therefore that we guide “heartbeat evolution journeys”. Empowering experiences that brings new perspectives. Experiences that are felt deep, because we totally join into the experience. Moments that give inspiration and reflection, so that we find more and better ways for cooperation and achieving our goals. Experiences that are felt deep, because we totally join into thexperience. We all make the journey happen. We connect with each other in this journey. We are the change ourselves.

True connections

what journeys can we make?

Depending on the change you aim for, your team, the company landscape and the starting-point we develop a custom heart beat evolution journey using standard methods. Drum-, dance-, rhythm-journeys, constellations are all intense experiences that bring many metafors where perspectives open-up. With NLP we can add techniques for personal development, reflection and fruitful communication. Here you can read more about the international and proven methodologies that we use.

Are you ready to start an inspiring journey with us?

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Brenda van Broekhoven profile pictureemail brenda@heartbeatevolution.com
mobile +31645626064

Brenda has been working 22 years before Heart Beat Evolution started in 2013.
She is motivated to bring experience-based programs that let us feel life fully.
After finishing her study Physics & Photonics and also Industrial Sales, she started working as a sales engineer for an international research & testing company. After 16 years working for several companies and jobs in management/marketing/sales she started her own company. From that moment on personal and team-development became an important part of her work. Also internet and e-learning were part of the projects that she was leading. Now she is business director of Tagpoint Training: a state-of-the-art elearning programm for industrial safety. She also is owner of Heart Beat Evolution where she focuses completely on celebrating essence with empowering experiences and true connection. Both professional activities, she is doing with passion and focus.



  • Certified NLP trainer
  • Facilitator for constellations
  • Facilitator for Biodanza (under supervision)
  • Facilitator for drum circles in the method of Arthur Hull
  • Completed 3 year awareness course at School voor Zijnsorientatie
  • Engineer in Physics & Photonics at TH Rijswijk (1991)
  • Industrial Sales at HR&O Rotterdam (1992)


Wie samenwerkt, excelleert

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming


TaKeTiNa, ritme voor evolutie